Diana's Diary
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Diana's Diary
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Diana's Diary

The amazing adventures of a quilter as she wanders the web...

See also our Friday Tips and Holiday Recipes




link for a free pattern at the bottom of the home page http://www.meandmysisterdesigns.com/  People Head Outlines - what about enlarging and appliqueing the photos of faces of people you now. http://msssbible.com/memoryverses/createyourown/childrensfaces.htm

Iris Folding Technique   http://tinyurl.com/68onr

Crazy Patchwork Needlecases http://www.netspeed.com.au/crazyquiltstudio/Pneedlebeadbook.htm aka http://tinyurl.com/62noy

Karen Combs' Studio Let's learn Paper Piece with Good photos ! http://www.karencombs.com/pplesson.htm

how to use your own images as design elements on fabric http://www.gloriahansen.com/

Paper quilts for the classroom http://www.mrsburns.com/quilt001.htm

Seaside Stitches Paper-pieced lapel pins for all seasons... and more!


Quilt pins  http://tinyurl.com/52oz7

Snow Angel from 301 Country Christmas blocks http://tinyurl.com/5hdqr

the country cellar Free Patterns http://www.thecountrycellar.com/BPF/FreePatterns.htm

For the Childs [any age] quilt - Locomotive block pattern ~ Cynthia England


Hosted By Deb Smithhttp://www.lura-art.com/  Some lovely quilt works of art . 

Cute quilts for kids -eyecandy http://www.patternswithpride.com/

Quilted Mug Mat http://sewingweb.com/Projects/MugMatLois/

Frog Miini Quilt   http://tinyurl.com/3mv5r

a duck in an egg, real cute and a beautiful dragonfly 

http://www.bayareastainedglass.com/patterns.htm  bay area stained glass

http://www.delphiglass.com/index.cfm?page=cat_home&altcat=1636&viewcat=1636  lots of stained glass patterns to prompt your creativity

http://www.oaktreesg.com/freepatterns.html  stained glass page with freebies

http://www.collectedmemories.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/cmStore.woa/wa/page?key=freediecuts  die cuts image to inspire your applique and redwork

http://www.dlstewart.com/clipart.htm  clip art

  butterfly letters and more on the site

http://www.fatquartershop.com/freequiltpattern.asp?Store_id=499&T=1  free pattern Funky Monkey in a Box Quilt fabric has the sock monkey puppet.

http://www.stitchemup.com/cornucopia/applique_tips.htm  great tips section for quilting gadgets, materials, and techniques.

Citrus Belt Quilters -- Introduction to Quilting (Basic) If you don't know how to start, take this step by step lesson through the basics of quilting.   

 http://www.topix.net/hobbies/quilting  All kinds of quilt related news articles from across the country. Articles are writers opinions. ==== Great information and fun for quilters: http://www.karencombs.com/Fun_Stuff.htm  ===== free blocks www.quilttownusa.com/Chitra/MQquiltingdesign.htm  ===== Grandma's Attic www.grandmasatticquilting.com/patterns.htm  ==== QuiltersCache for Aug 9-16

====== a BOM from the Netherlands   ====== "a new BOM up on the web site and also a puzzle for those who love to do such things. Check for these in the Learning Centre " great patterns   ===== Techniques and quilts to see http://www.colorquilts.com/index.html 


http://www.everythingquilts.com/  In the left frame *Techniques and Projects" link for some great patterns and articles/How2Dos. ==== 

a Quick and Easy Pattern The Free Pattern of “Wonderland of Color” (PDF format). Go to the bottom of this page to download. "This pattern is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!"   ==== 

simple patterns http://www.sunflowerfabrics.com/pattern1.htm  ===== page says correction in Silent Night Pattern Correction has been made. If you downloaded the pattern before Aug/14/04 please add a 3 1/2" x 4" piece of beige print fabric for the window on the right. http://www.this-n-thatfabrics.com/free_pattern.htm  Lots of other patterns here too. ==== 

see Stack and Slash by Sehoy L Welshofer   and a video of a similar technique by Billie Lauder how to do a Quick and easy quilt that follows the stack and cut technique in her "Complete Chaos" quilt video   also === http://www.sewing.org  A good place to search around in Many patterns for home and gifts. Travel set (various sized zippered bags), a zippered toiletry bag, an auto accessory bag (for cables and other Manly Man things), nifty nylon foldy wallets, a bike pouch (actually in the kids area). ======= Cute quilt - lots more on this site to look at too.   ==== "Shoofly In The Meadow" at http://www.meandmysisterdesigns.com  ========

August Block-Colorado Backporch a three color sampler http://www.backporchdyeworks.com/bp/freepattern.asp

Several unique applique patterns. http://www.sacredspiral.com/crafts/patterns/index.html

over 60 blocks in the archive list below this month's pattern www.quilttownusa.com/Chitra/block.htm

Quilting How-To's http://www.quilttownusa.com/Chitra/beginners.htm

"Fold and cut snowflakes" applique pattern http://home.arcor.de/lindatacke/pattern/foldcut.htm

Jump For Joy   Graceful Dancer   And others...

Lots of blocks on this japanese site 

Ladies in red - redwork designs look in the archives too http://www.ladiesinred.org/designs.html  ===== a new Christmas 5-month bom at   wonderful patterns you might want to join the reminder list here. 

===== cute cat applique or redwork   ==== free coloring sheets http://www.cartwheelfactory.com/freestuff.html  ==== cute girl - redwork suitable   ===== christmas applique or redwork freebies   ======= coloring pages can be used for redwork http://www.kidsrcrafty.com/coloring_pages.htm  ======= free vintage redwork http://www.hopechestlegacy.com/free_vintage_embroidery_patterns.htm


and also a redwork/embroidery pattern up at Yesterday's Charm


Lesson   ========


 Craft Ideas pow is a butterfly board, the butterfly can be used for applique too   ====== 2 new patterns, Hearts and Flowers, and Sashed Kaleidoscope. and the QNM Birthday Quilt! http://www.qnm.com/

click on free project http://www.fabrictrends.com/  ======= E E Schenck 3 new patterns http://www.eeschenck.com/quilt_patterns.asp? s=701310&p=10 ======


Autumn Crown


Moondance BOM http://applewd.com/BOM/page1.html ====

Missing Clue Mystery http://www.geocities.com/qcnys/mysteryquilt.html ====

http://www.quiltindex.com/richly_deserved.asp Pattern "Richly Deserved" Original design by Dana Jones. Finished Size - 38"x48" (Lap or crib-sized) ====

Kimberly West's new page http://www.peachquilting.com ====

needle turn applique http://patchworklady.de/ ====

in july the garden block of the month is a bird's nest.  http://members.aol.com/CHasenbach/indexeng.html Happy quilting from Cologne, Germany Claudia Hasenbach ====

lessons in english paper piecing  ====

The new critter is Junie the Ladybug. You'll find her, and a wild idea for interpreting her for the Fourth of July (Independence Day in the U.S.) on the critter page at Sundrop Designs. http://www.sundropdesigns.com/ ====

= Stained glass patterns can morph into quilting applique or redwork http://www.stainedglass.on.ca/free%20stained%20glass%20patterns.htm ====

= ~ Linda Ballard ~~FREEBIES!!  ====

Lovely Autumn Leaves quilt; PDF file. http://www.jankrentz.com/ check out the free lessons ====

Jinny Beyer A new Block every week and a big archive http://www.jinnybeyer.com/block-a-week/live/main.cfm ====

= A new quilting pattern every week and a big archive http://www.quiltmaker.com/motifs ====


making an ironing board caddy: http://www.insideembroidery.com/March/Projects/guest%20project.asp ====


Chocolate, Cherries and Cream. completed mystery quilt  and current mystery called Red/White/Blue === Two new BOM patterns for July in the Olde Towne series.... Plus an entire new website called - what else - WeeVillage if traffic is heavy at and you have a problem downloading the patterns at: http://www.future-heirlooms.com/ then try one of the sites below: ====

= http://www.sundropdesigns.com This is Sandy's site where you'll find the Pixie-kins and Wee Folks, both free and $$ patterns ====

== http://www.bat1000.com/ This is Kim's site... who does up luscious fabrics and kits for the Wee Village/Old Towne patterns. ====

== http://www.quilters-patterns.com/ free Old Towne July blocks here; other free patterns too.. and some $$ patterns. ====

=== Oriental BOM pattern on a german site but written in english  Notes: blocks of oriental shapes. To find the block look under Monatsblock. All the blocks back to Sept 2003 are still there. A very interesting and unique quilt. 

http://www.paulanadelstern.com/ http://www.paulanadelstern.com/quilt-gallery/howtopiecespiral.html the blocks are string pieced and don't appear to be Lined-Up lots of reason not to be so particular with your own scrap quilts. ====

= 5 or 6 free pp patterns: http://threadlove.com/index.html Go to main menu, quilting and then patterns. ... a cat, blockade, mountains and more for free. ====


http://www.corneliacarpenter.net/ the designer put up a free pattern.... Lovely seascape design . might make a good medalion for the centre of a round robin. Look for the link at the bottom of the page; also enter the free drawing. ====


http://www.howoriginal.net/classes.htm an easy patternless handbag... and a Q&E fabric collage to showcase those special scraps. ====

  seminars_quilting.htm>> aka Many quilting articles/patterns to explore at the GetCreativeShow.com website also you can click around for other crafts and sewing. http://www.getcreativeshow.com/seminars/Fuzzies-By-Foot.htm  

Celtic Quilt Patterns http://www.future-heirlooms.com/ ====

http://www.jeannesquilting.com/98archive.html an older archive from 1998 It might be new to some of you. ====


http://www.stitchinpost.com/kits.html On their kits page, there are links to free .pdf patterns as well. The "Isabella" quilt is new ====


Pie in the Sky potholders http://www.quickquilts.com/curiss/704_pie_potholder/ ====


Dear Jane Memorial Triangle Block PDF  ====


http://members.shaw.ca/kigraham some nice patterns and the story of how they reflect the Bible stories. ====

== New BOM From Patchwork Studio http://www.patchworkstudio.com/ Presenting a 5-month holiday BOM called Symbols of the Season. This the pattern for this cute wall hanging is just beginning. ====


at the manufacturers websites check around and see the new fabrics to look for in the shops. Some have archives of patterns from previous seasons. You might have to find fabrics that have the same general look to finish the older ones. ====

Andover Fabrics Quilts a maufacturer offers free patterns  some of the PDF downloads might take 15 minutes on dial-up. look at the size of the file and decide if you'd rather wait to see the pattern at the LQS. 8-) ====


E.E. Schenck Company Quilts http://www.eeschenck.com/quilt_patterns.asp?s=663835&p=21 or go to Quilters Corner and choose Quilt Patterns ====


South Sea Imports Quilts http://www.southseaimports.com/projects.html ====



P&B Textiles 2 new patterns this month http://pbtex.com/html/free_patterns.html

Half Square Triangles Compiled List

<http://www.qorsite.com/technique/tech.html > Left side - scroll to Quick Piecing Half Square Triangles

<http://www.quilt.com/Blocks/TrianglePapers/Triangles.html>  Tutorial on how to make easy piecing triangle templates

<http://www.quiltingpassion.com/tutorials/HST/hst.html > Another *grid* method (called Right Triangles here rather than HSTs); includes making fast cut 4-Patch info. Also several quilt layout/design ideas.

<http://www.quiltcollections.com/fastcut.htm >

<http://www.quilttownusa.com/Chitra/fpsbeginners.htm>  Four pieced squares the easy way

<http://www.quilterbydesign.com/lessons/square.triangles.html >

<http://www.quiltaholics.com/lessons/hst.htm> Good info for making HSTs if you have square-ish scraps about the size you need for the finished HSTs. <> 

Ten in One -- Ten blocks that can be made using HSTs --

<http://www.jonquilts.com/TrimmingHSTs.html > Quick and easy method to square up HSTs

<http://www.fussycuts.com/fc/technique.cfm  > <http://www.fussycuts.com/ > Click on Techniques; lots of how2 info.


A True Type font which lets anyone design these intricate patterns just by typing on their computer keyboard can be found at ttp://www.clanbadge.com/knots.htm There are examples of various arts and crafts projects which people have used the Font to design at http://www.clanbadge.com/craft.htm  It works on Mac or PC, in any program that uses fonts (such as a simple word-processing program) and each letter you type is a piece of a Celtic knot!





http://www.bellaonline.org/Article.asp?id=435 State flower blocks http://www.bellaonline.org/Article.asp?id=8861 State bird blocks.

http://www.pacificcoast.com/glossary.htm  Pacific Coast Feather Bed Linens - GLOSSARY of terms for fabrics

Cotton Information - from the fiber to the fabric and weaves:   

Fabrics.net - Site Map MUCHO Stuff:   

10 free patterns:  http://www.quiltindex.com/free_patterns.asp 

Take a look at http://www.mccallsquilting.com/artheblk/ AND http://www.mccallsquilting.com/lessons/listing/ 
these are list of lessons for every stage of quilt making i found 

Binding - Mitered Corners ,  Piecing Sashing, Border, & Binding Strips and Binding 

A chart to guide what combinations in these categories to use: Fabric Type; Thread weight; Needle; Backing; Topping; Other Considerations 

Lovely links:

When we are thinking of gifts for people who need for nothing; we can make for someone whose needs are great and give in their name.

  Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation  
http://www.newbornsinneed.com/  Newborns in Need 
http://www.tinystitches.org/  Tiny Stitches 
http://www.touchinglittlelives.org/  Touching Little Lives 
http://www.webb-babies.org/  Webb-Babies.com
http://hometown.aol.com/bttyboop74/main.html  South Shore Binky Patrol 
http://www.projectlinus.org/  Project Linus 
http://www.sewing.org/html/cs.html  Charitable Sewing Ideas 
http://www.sewing.org/html/csdonatequilt.html  Donate new, hand-made afghans and quilts http://www.volunteermatch.org/  Volunteer Match

Applique lets you stitch realistic patterns you can draw yourself, you can also tranfer your childs art to fabric; if you like you can use a pattern from a designer. Whatever way you choose it will be your creation.

Learn Hand Applique @ Sew-Whats-New.com 



a history lesson...where does applique fit in? 

http://www.reddawn.net/quilt/timeline.htm http://quilting.about.com/library/weekly/aa072297.htm

 Some basic applique techniques: http://www.quilt.com/HowTo/AppliqueHowTOPage.html  http://members.aol.com/Quiltgeek/applique.html

Free applique patterns: 

Galleries with gorgeous applique: 

http://www.ravenwood-designs.com/  http://www.lunnfabrics.com/qgbias.htm


Some good online resources for machine applique - invisible and otherwise. http://softexpressions.com/help/faq/faqmachappliq.html  Invisible machine applique using Blindhem stitch

http://www.small-expressions.com/instruct/text14.htm  http://www.getcreativeshow.com/seminars/cardboard_turn_applique.htm

Applique is discussed on sewing pages too. 




Crocheted one http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa121299.htm

http://members.aol.com/FirstMACav/Ladies.htm  Great article on Chatelaines. No pattern; an old illustration

http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa121299.htm  Beaded

http://www.quilttownusa.com/Quilt_Gallery/kathleengallery2.htm  $pattern

Just in time for Valentines day:  

heartintro.htm http://quiltsville.com/Mended/heartintro.htm 

heartsupply.htm http://www.quiltsville.com/Mended/heartsupply.htm 

t Home In My Heart-BOM http://applewd.com/BOM/page1.html

Eternity heart http://artickles.www8.50megs.com/eternityheart.htm  


Hearts Entwined http://www.clothpeddler.com/cp/kits/hearts.html 

Stack-n-Whack® Heart Applique Tutorial http://www.bethanyreynolds.com/snwhearts.html


lots of hearts http://www.lenzula.com/pp/hearts.php

Tidbits and Trinkets 

nifty visuals with patterns that could be used as ideas for quilts. http://dogfeathers.com/java/index.html

SETTINGS, BORDERS, BINDINGS, TIPS & HINTS:  http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/artheblk/listing.htm

QUILTING DESIGNS AND LABELS:  http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/artheblk/listing2.htm

BindingforReversibleQuilts: http://www.quilttownusa.com/Chitra/tfbbeginners.htm

"birth the quilt":   http://comfortcorner.hypermart.net/qtips.html#7 

Information about Alzheimers. the quilt poem http://www.zarcrom.com/users/yeartorem/quilt.html 
other info about alzheimers and about being a care giver. http://www.zarcrom.com/users/yeartorem/newyear1999.html

MATH - Quilty Facts QuiltSizes - BattingSizesTo Buy - mattress sizes - numbers of squares and triangles in a FQ - Yardage Charts - The approximate number of strips from this amount of fabric - Enlarge and Reduce Patterns Photocopier Settings - Clark County Quilters is a non-profit corporation in Vancouver, Washington  

MATH for Determining Yardage - strips, squares and triangles Determining Yardage to Choose at the quilt Store or from your Stash and standard sizes for bed quilts. -The WorldWideQuiltingPage How-To's http://ttsw.com/HowTo/YardagePage.html 


a good use for all the scraps left over from your flannel Rag quilts. http://www.capitalquilts.com/freeproject/infantsnug.htm

Set Blocks on Point -- McCalls Determining the sizes needed for setting and corner triangles http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/artheblk/onpnt/optsets.htm

Birth a Quilt - Binding/Finishing - Quick Turning One of the easiest methods to finish a quilt TeddyBear blocks compiled LINKS

Love Bears (Love this one!!!) http://www.brandywine-design.com

Christmas bears (good way to use specialty materials) http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/golden/merrybear/bearwhgn.htm

Bear Family

Here are several urls for teddy bear designs from colouring book pages that could be used for a teddy bear pattern.




 html http://coloringbookfun.com/


X-Stitch http://www.gloria-pat.com/resources/opteddybear.html




Wonky Cats in the Sun AKA "The Binkster's Friends Go to the Beach"
http://www.nmt.edu/~breynold/quilts/wonky.html  add triangles to the edges til the blocks are all the same size

For those of you who like the appliqued frayed edges. Very easy technique:   
Here's an applique lesson by Carrie Kiefer. She shows several methods.

How well do you know quilting?  http://www.pbs.org/americaquilts/fun/index.html 

BrownBagQuilt teaches a way to sew a scrappy quilt. No matter what the shape of the peices, squares, hexagons, triangles, bricks, strips, you can use this method to make the layout of your pieces random. http://www.angelthings.com/brown_bag_quilt.htm 

Four Patch Quilt Block Patterns: http://ttsw.com/Blocks/FourPatchBlocks.html  
BOM SewQuilty Improved Ninepatch, Circle upon Circle 2, Four Leaf Clover, Ninepatch Variation 2, Bailey Ninepatch: 

Market for Your Quilts http://www.sylvias-studio.com/tips.html

SITE-WIDE PATTERN INDEX Includes Bonus Patterns, Golden Quilts, and Grandma's Legacy patterns http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/golden/nigolden.htm  

ROUND THE BLOCK - INDEX 1 Options for finishing your quilt! http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/artheblk/listing.htm  

AROUND THE BLOCK - INDEX 2 Options for finishing your quilt! http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qquilts/artheblk/listing2.htm 

"Bethany demonstrates how to cut and piece the Butterflies from “Stack-n-Whackier Quilts.” A perfect complement to the book for quilters who like to “see it live!”  http://www.bethanyreynolds.com/videopromo.html

"WHERE can I find a "turban" pattern?" Here is their list of URL's

Chemo cap: http://www.hancockfabrics.com/projects/christmas/chemocaps.htm

Turban:  http://www.sewing.org/html/csturban.html 

Scarf tying:  http://www.bcforum.org/scarves.html 

Ways to organize your sewing room:  http://sewing.about.com/library/weekly/aa073198.htm  

Free sewing projects: http://sewing.about.com/cs/projects/  

Chatelaine Heart pattern:    


Crazy quilt needlecase

Cathi McCutcheon offers a pattern on her web site
and the click off it has a paper piecing crazy quilt pattern.

Our needle case is a good project for trying out Crazy Quilting

and some stitches for the crazy quilting.







Sites with Free Quilt Patterns, Techniques and Tutorials

Interesting scrap buster - Triangles from the Colorado Springs Quilting Guild http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/6336/block/Triangle.htm?200530

and others: click on blocks for each year http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/6336/block.html


Loop the Loop block and others http://www.empirequilters.net/pg/bom.html


a beautiful Bag with free instructions .


Anita Grossman Solomon was on Simply Quilts with some great cutting tips. Here's the link for written instructions in case you missed the show.


and this is Anita Website http://www.makeitsimpler.com/


http://www.swdecoratives.com/ http://www.swdecoratives.com/pdf%20files/MolaStoriesPattern.pdf


Oct is up: http://www.stofnest.com/english/freepattern/index.html


Many new blocks: http://sylviasbridalsampler.blogspot.com/


Celebration: http://www.ttfabrics.com/patterns.php?patternID=99


Spray And Fix http://www.sprayandfix.com/projects.html


http://www.this-n-thatfabrics.com/  A really cute house pattern with floral applique. If you like folk style designs, Linda has several free patterns available

Free Patterns & Tips ~ Needlesongs.com http://www.needlesongs.com/Free.htm  Rainbow Circle block - a great scrap eater; A couple of nice swans to applique and the Unity Star block



A pattern for a 'shrug'...you can make it out of most any fabric (... used flannel for her sis-in-law).... http://sewing.about.com/library/sewnews/library/aafash6a.htm

A jar with cover Block - paper pieced pattern http://www.irres-licht.de/quilten/PaperPiecing/PaperPiecingListe.htm


Paper panache mystery

http://www.paperpanache.com/MBsolu.htm  Part one of mystery 37 has been posted.


a free pattern for a felted wool needle case. http://www.alwaysyourdesign.com/how-to.asp


a Halloween Fun quilt instructions in PDF, plus Butterfly blocks and more here!


Quilt Seeds Designs has a new free "Big Block Quilt" just starting with fabric selections and Block #1 now available for download. The blocks are 18" finished. http://www.quiltseeds.com/


Free Quilt and Block Patterns http://quilterscornerclub.tripod.com/index.html


Block Central's very first Mystery Quilt has just begun. It is called "Starfall" and will be presented in 6 parts over the course of this weekend.   It will stay online and be free permanantly. :) ~Kim Noblin http://www.blockcentral.com



Two fantastic scrappy Mystery quilts - Free http://www.hotkey.net.au/~hambar/hambar/quilts/mystery.htm  just lovely... Well written instructions and good pictures.



Teas Quilts CONFETTI QUILT - A SCRAP QUILT http://hometown.aol.com/teasquilts4/Confetti.html

Sew your blocks and then choose from the 5 different layouts that are shown - or create your own design.


The Gathering Room Quilt Shop http://www.thegatheringroomquiltshop.com/index.html

then go to "free pattern". http://www.thegatheringroomquiltshop.com/jan_pattern.html At the bottom of each page you will find the link to the next months pattern


Loop the Loop block and others http://www.empirequilters.net/pg/bom.html


Anita Grossman Solomon was on Simply Quilts with some great cutting tips. Here's the link for written instructions in case you missed the show.


and this is Anita Website http://www.makeitsimpler.com/




Oct is up: http://www.stofnest.com/english/freepattern/index.html

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Many new blocks: http://sylviasbridalsampler.blogspot.com/

Celebration: http://www.ttfabrics.com/patterns.php?patternID=99


New BOM: http://www.backporchdyeworks.com/bp/freepattern.asp


Sundrop Designs
Sunny the Kitten would like to invite you to check out the Cat Mystery that has
just started.  Just follow her pink pawprints around cyberspace this summer to
make a fun little quilt for the wall, for baby, or for your favorite kitty!  (By
the way, it's mostly pieced.)

Also recently posted are letters in the ABC BOM.

Ozark Piecemakers

lobster block and many more at




The Quiltery.com.au  has a great 4th of July type dragon
and do look at the mermaid pattern too.
Previous patterns are for sale
Forget Me Not Studio's final block for the Pond Series
the series will be for sale after June 30 2005
Previous patterns are for sale

Children of the World Applique or Redwork
this is a great series for familys who want to study other country's culture

Her patterns are all delightful and prices are reasonable
All the patterns are quilter tested and
will charm anyone who receives a quilt made from them


Quilters Qtrs  offers  Claythorne pattern


Victoriana Quilt Designs has a Quilting Lessons How To pages...

Quilters Village: QuickQuilts, McCalls, Quiltmaker & QNM


Quick Quilts
"MoonLight Serenade" - two simple blocks and you can make a marvelous looking
Quilt Maker
"Nautical Waves" - this design really "moves" -- and for those wanting a two
color quilt it's great... But also looks great with the alternate colors
shown.... PDF file option.
Capitol T block ..... but also know as a good Kimono block.  there are so
many layouts that can be done with this block .... and tons of color options.
Great scrap eater upper too.
Quilters Newsletter
Stitch-A-Sketch .... portraits in thread..... Use your own photos to create
unique and one of a kind quilt projects.  PDF file for techniques/practice.

Martha Borders
An interesting site where the quilter shares information about how she marbles
fabrics and tips about the quiltmaking process.  She has a free paper pieced
square in a square block with 2 rounds.  The instructions are excellent with
good visuals of each step.

these are shapes that can be used for applique - from Rubbermaid


Craft and Fabric Links.com

Pups and Cats Quilt

Lap Top Quilts has free patterns back online.


Primraggs - Free Patterns
Sweet angel pins and stitchery

Attic Raggedys - Sunnflower Annie Pin/Ornie
A cute pin and doll

Kayray.org - free pattern
Tutorial for a qute litte totebag

=Cias Palette

Valley Forge Quilters
Saddle bag pattern as a word document
Starflower Fabrics
"Twilight Garden"~JeanneRae
Pretty dianthus flower for June......
All patterns still available for this lovely BOM.

Claudia Hasenbach's Garden
Claudia Hasenbach's Garden has a beautiful butterfly bush this month
Previous patterns are for sale

 Cute Free Pattern at this site
LA Quiltworks
Fabricand Home Bonanza
many free patterns -
some quilting ones and lots that may be quilt-adaptable.... The quilting ones
include a pretty "Bridal Banner'" by Pat Sloan:


ourwackyworld.com library  "quilting" applique patterns
Has some free guilt patterns as well as links to others
do some exploring
Sew and Quilt
Applewood Farms BOM Beth Ferriers Simple Pleasure blocks are available
 Previous blocks are for sale -

Previous quilts are for sale  - they are quilter tested.

AR's  Quest Quilters
Block of the month quilt pattern from AR's  Quest Quilters.
Their site is looking pretty good these days.

right click on url's with the PDF ending and save to your Quilt folder to print.

for inspiration
Beamish Museum in England
collection of 70 of the vintage and antique quilts at the Beamish Museum in

Karen Combs offers a listing for quilt teachers

Also on the site several freebies. Most of the quilt teachers have wonderful quilts to look at on their sites.

Charlotte War Anderson - The Red, White and Blue

Sandy Bonsib

Debbie Caffrey

Mimi Dietrich

Flavin Glover

Jan Krentz - free lesson too

Bethany Reynolds

Jackie Robinson  Basket Case bom still available

Directory of quilt teachers, appraisers, and judges. Locate teachers
in photo or memory quilts, Hawaiian quilts, Baltimore album, Amish, ...

Quilt Teachers. Here is an alphabetical list of teachers who travel nationally
and internationally, with links to their websites: ...

Quilt Teachers Links
Phyllis Twigg & Judi Gunter - Quilt Teachers, Lecturers, Appraiser and Judg. ...
One of the outstanding quilt teachers in the Southwest, Fran Snay is highly ...

VIRGINIA QUILT TEACHERS This list of teachers around the state is provided by
... Qualified quilt teacher, Betty Dietz, who has been quilting and teaching ...

MAINE QUILT TEACHERS. The following list is offered as a service to our members
and indicates Pine Tree Quilters Guild (PTQG) members who are willing to ...

Lists and links to quilting teachers. ... A growing list of quilting teachers on
the Quilters' Newsletter web site. If your Guild is looking for a teacher, ...

Locate a Quilting Teacher - Learn about the quilting workshops ... teaches,
browse the quilt gallery, and read about the books. ... Famous Quilt Teachers

National Quilt Teachers List. Here is an alphabetical list of quilt teachers who
travel nationally and internationally with links to their webpage. ...

QuiltersBee Quilt Poems
The following 10 rules for quilt teachers were the result of various discussions
on the Quilt Teachers list. We were discussing proper attitude. ...


by Cindy Thury Smith 1999  -  used with permission

1. Thou shalt not ridicule a student’s choice of fabrics nor their colors; a
student’s taste should be reflected in their work.

2. Thou shalt not require excessive expenditures for a class; thou dost not know
a student’s financial situation.

3. Thou shalt provide students with clearly written and illustrated handouts.
Thou shalt be able to explain a construction step with more than one method
(written, verbal, visual).

4. Thou shalt provide value for their money; at least one other variation of the
quilt in addition to the standard design.

5. Thou shalt be on time, start on time and provide time for questions.

6. Thou shalt circulate amongst the students, checking progress, even if thy
feet dost hurt.

7. Thou shalt find something positive to say about each student’s work. Thou
shalt not have a “My way or the highway” frame of mind; creativity comes in many

8. When a student makes a good suggestion, thou will announce it to the class
and give credit where due.

9. Thou shalt allow some time after class to help anyone who sews at a more
leisurely pace.

10. Thou shalt show numerous samples; and if thou dost not have numerous samples
done, make suggestions for other applications of the pattern.



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