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Patterns shared by websites are intended for the customer's personal use only. Please do not copy, trace, share, or duplicate them for any reason. Do not copy them to your website. Make arrangements to link to the site of the pattern owner.

===== Acrobat Reader for PDF's check the site for the verison that suits your computer Get the latest updates available for your version of Adobe® Reader®. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html 


AltaVista Babel Fish Translation http://babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn

===== http://www.geocities.com/kfitz835/index.html One of the prettiest poinsetta patterns is Kathleen's 3-D pattern. PDF file has instructions/templates and B/W graphic of the poinsetta. Print the colored picture in the webpage..

Use the "floating" index to access more patterns.

Note: This is a GeoCities website --- So that means when lots and lots of vistors visit within a short period of time, Geo puts the site on a time-out. Usually lasts for abt an hour. So if you visit and it's busy.. save the URL for a later time or day.

~~~~~===== ~~~~

Baked Potatoes Bags. since the different instructions use different fabrics you need to decide between the poly or the cotton fabric choices.



===== PieceByNumber.com ~ Index of Free PP/FP patterns


===== Judy Martin "Free Quilt of the Moment From the World's Leading Block Authority" http://www.judymartin.com/free-qom.cfm ===== Quilt Design.com Ute-Barbara Skjønberg from Norway translated to English a bunch of BOMs from years gone by. http://www.quilt-design.com

New Christmas mystery from QuiltDesign http://www.quilt-design.com/gaate2005/2005eng.htm

===== Southern Comforts BOM the 2005/06 BOM - six blocks online so far. http://www.southerncomforters.org/2005-6BOM.htm the 2003/04 BOM, Twelve blocks with this one. http://www.southerncomforters.org/BOM-2003-04.htm

===== The Quilter Magazine -Archive Florals Quilt by Cathryn Tallman-Evans; machine quilted by Jacki Zuest http://www.thequiltermag.com/onlineproject/index.shtml ===== Free Patterns ~ GraceandPeaceQuilts.com

http://www.graceandpeacequilts.com/quiltsfrm.htm Lovely quilt patterns w/instructions some scrappy ones ===== if you are researching Home Quilting Machine Frames


homequiltingsystems group is a list of owners of every home frame available and you will get a lot of information from them, as well as some great support after you make your purchase. ===== Mantle Scarfs

http://www.ezquilt.com/patterns/mantlescarf/mantlescarf.htm http://www.ezquilt.com/patterns/holidaystocking/holidaystocking.htm

Inspiration - 100 examples of EQ5 designed mantle scarfs on this competition page http://www.electricquilt.com/Albums/05/0509/0509p1.asp ===== BOM block called King David's Crown.


DECEMBER 2005 - KING'S CROWN http://www.southerncomforters.org/DEC2005BOM.pdf

could also be known as the Crown and Cross http://www.quilterscache.com/A_C/CrossandCrownBlock.html or another version http://www.quilterscache.com/A_C/CrossandCrownBlock2.html

===== Freebiez from Stargazey.com


several free patternz that have instructionz With some of the patternz shown, you do need the commercial/$$ patternz to complete. There are notes for which onez need the $$ patternz.

===== The Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild http://www.floridacabinfever.com/ Look under "For Members" for 4 years BOMs. ===== at PM QUILTING http://www.pmquilting.com/ http://www.pmquilting.com/quilt_patterns/jungle_animals.htm

===== ===== BOM Let it Snow is almost finished http://www.geocities.com/snflwr1105/LISM/DecemberInstructions.htm the rest of the parts are linked here. http://geocities.com/snflwr1105/LISM/Index.htm

===== Wendy Voster a new Block of the Month, you're welcome to visit ! and of course a merry Christmas and a healthy and creative New Year! http://www.wendyvosters.com Watch for a New pretty BOM in Jan 2006 Quiltblock Garden "Nine 7" blocks on point in bright scrappy colors" http://www.wendyvosters.com/Blockofthemonth2006.htm

===== Joann - FloralScape Quilt for the Joann poinsetta to applique [instructions]

<<poinsetta to applique [instructions] >> and the design image http://shorterlink.com/?OFDHDH shorterlink works like tinyurl 8-)

and all the blocks from this project from Joann - FloralScape Quilt <<http://www.joann.com/content/projects/projectsArchive.jhtml?CATID=25288>>

===== Piece Patcher poinsettia and dove applique quilt

http://www.piecepatcher.com/projectfiles/Poinsettia%20and%20Dove.pdf =====

The Best of the Season - Letty http://www.dequiltkat.nl/christmas.html

http://www.dequiltkat.nl/block-of-the-month.html De Quiltkat *~* Star Sampler *~* has 12 star patterns of 6 x 6 inch. Each month a new block will be posted. The patterns are pieced and/or paper pieced. You can use scraps, also for the backgrounds. When all the patterns are posted, a file will be posted how to finish the quilt (sashings, borders and a small quilt motif).

===== http://www.marshamccloskey.com/ a Feathered Star Quilt on Simply Quilts Show #QLT-213 Guest Marsha McCloskey Author, Quiltmaker and owner of Feathered Star Productions great gallery of feathered star quilts and books. <<http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/cr_quilting_blocks/article/0,1789,HGTV_3299_1395656,00.html>>


Marti Michell Quilt Templates - Feathered Star Templates Perfect Patchwork Templates Sets O and P. http://www.frommarti.com/oandp.html

====== A two coloured Feathered Star from QuiltersCache Marcia Hohn http://www.quilterscache.com/D_F/FeatheredStarBlock.html


Indiana Feathered Star ~ Quiltmaker magazine's March/April '03, issue #91, page 45, the color option for Indiana Feathered Star shows a special center for the block. Get the main pattern from the magazine this is the CENTER of the Indiana Feathered Star - downloadable foundation-pieced pattern from Quiltmaker magazine. http://quiltmaker.com/webextras/patt48/


Bidwell House Museum Pieced feathered stars {antique quilt in a museum collection} "The feathered star is a test of piecing skill; this one is based on the Sawtooth Star design, a sixteen-patch division of the four-patch category. The distinguishing characteristic is the fringe of small 'feathers' around each point that require great skill to piece." http://www.bidwellhousemuseum.org/Collections/Quilts_2065.htm


Grandmothers Garden pattern online translation of the page Simone Struss Uses Hexagons to make a purse Or use the TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/cz3nd The URL below is the main page (in French) for the Grandmothers Garden pattern and a few others. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/struss/bonus/bonus.htm.

===== December block, Red Trillium, for P3 Designs is online.



Quilted Sanity a quilted sweatshirt instructions http://quiltedsanity.tripod.com/quilting.htm the time on this site is used up for december try again later


http://www.splintersandthreads.net/myquiltpatterns/wildgoose.html The WildGoose pattern is a nice paper piece pattern. Look below pattern to see 2 possibilities for a quilt.


Kaffe Fassett Xmas tree at the Victoria and Albert museum http://www.kaffefassett.com/ http://www.vam.ac.uk/collections/contemporary/Christmas_Tree_2005/index.html Scroll down a bit and you'll find free downloads for some fan's Kaffe made in the tree.


mini-patch.de a German site four free patterns http://www.mini-patch.de/html/downloads.html

===== Hart Cottage Quilts - Gallery http://hartcottagequilts.com/

==== small notebook pattern


==== Marin Patchwork.nl check out the double butterflies at http://www.marinpatchwork.nl/Marin.htm in their August 2005 Block of the Month: "Blok van de maand augustus 2005". Dutch site this has turned out to be a really lovely sampler. ...all blocks still available. ...just click on links at top of page. ..patterns in "quilter's language" but should be easy to follow. http://www.marinpatchwork.nl/Marin.htm





Quilters Online Resource ~ http://www.qorsite.com/

... a small subscription price allows you to download hundreds of patterns. This would be a wonderful gift your your quilting friend and for yourself

Mary Graham designs many gorgeous patterns ... freebies (see Pattern link in left menuside).

===== Math and Quilting

8-) you thought you were no good at math.




paper pieced quilt pattern by Carole Doak called "Garden Path". http://www.quilt.com/Artists/CarolDoak/GardenPath/GardenPathQuilt.html

18 inch block patterns for a make it big to go fast quilt: http://www.quilt.com/BlockOfTheMonth/BlockOfTheMonth2000.html


Wide World Of Quilting


lots of quilting information and patterns


Continuous line designs


Some ideas for actually quilting--freebies ===== the VII Quilt Exposition of the Spanish Patchwork Association http://www.patchworkespana.org

==== Quilting With Ease

http://www.quiltingwithease.com/site/1561300/page/669871 with one more part to be added.

Claudias Quilts http://www.claudias-quilts.com Claudia Hasenbach said "In December the "My Garden"-Series ends with a pattern for the sashings. It's much work to do these sashings for all 20 blocks. But it's also a perfect way to use this sashing with one gardenblock for sewing a pillow." http://chasenbach.tripod.com/garten/gardenbom.html

You can still view the 2005 Bernina Fashion Show entries and award winner online at: http://www.berninausa.com/events/fashion2005/index.html

Quilt Projects from BetterHomes&Gardens Quilting patterns and themes for just about everyone.


http://www.nancyprince.com/technique.aspx a thread painting technique that would be neat to use inside a block as a focal point.

sites that show the math of quilting and squares http://mathworld.wolfram.com/MrsPerkinssQuilt.html http://www.maa.org/editorial/mathgames/mathgames_12_01_03.html

The MathQuilt web page is dedicated to providing a showcase for quilters around the world who find inspiration from the colorful world of tessellations,geometry, perspective and fractals. http://members.aol.com/mathquilt/ a gallery of math shapes http://dogfeathers.com/quilt/polyhed1.html math eyecandy http://rhizome.org/artbase/30306/quilt.htm

http://www.quiltmaker.com/webextras/patt210/ From Quiltmaker comes this cute pattern for Panda Pals. PDF file

http://www.mccallsquilting.com/golden/mg41_pattern/ "Duty, Honor, Country" a beautiful two-color quilt pattern Designed by Kelly Corbridge. From the Feb 2005 issue of McCalls Quilting mag. This is gorgeous and could be done in multiple colors or scrappy or whatever you wanted. But the Blue and White shown looks so crisp, clean and perfect for an heirloom quilt.

http://www.quickquilts.com/kidscorner/kc15_pattern/ From the Kids Corner of Quick Quilts is this delightful pattern "Day Dreams" Designed by Daphne Greig. Shown with flannels, it would be great for all types of fabrics.... Sixteen Tile Blocks 12" x 13 1/2". Large block size and using strips sets helps this one sew up quickly.

The 2005 Mystery quilt is still online; pictures can be seen here: <http://www.francepatchwork.com/technique/qm%20precedent/quiltm_france_2005.html>

And you can download the PDF files (Jan thru June) here: <http://www.francepatchwork.com/technique/quiltmystere/myst2005.htm> Plus a wonderful eye candy display of past mysteries here: <http://www.francepatchwork.com/technique/qm%20precedent/photoqm.html>

Free Blocks sundrop designs Critter Block changes the 16th of each month Free blocks ABC Blocks changes the first of each month http://www.sundropdesigns.com

http://www.patchworkmoon.com/patterns.html Gallery of quilts

Claudia's Starlight Sampler http://www.claudiasquiltshoppe.com/freebom.htm

this site has lots free patterns in a "scandinavian style". written in norwegian. But there are pattern drawings. Some patterns are christmassy http://quilteposten.com/gratismonstre.htm

Mug mats ... candle mats ... cute idea ... great as a nice gift for a special relative or friends http://quickquilts.com/golden/qg67_pattern/

Many patterns already shared for Jennifer Chiaverini's Bridal Sampler http://sylviasbridalsampler.blogspot.com/ Jeniffer Chiaverini is posting blocks to make the Christmas Quilt. They are 12" blocks. To get to them, you have to register, then go to the Readers Circle. She is also doing as Elm Creek Quilts radio program on the web once a week. look for the Radio Link. http://www.elmcreek.net

A free applique pattern sampler with snow flakes http://quilting.about.com/library/weekly/aa030829.htm

a mantle topper/scarf <<http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/dc_occasions_december/article/0,1793,HGTV_3472_1391879,00.htm>>

tips on how to adhere crystals to your art quilts and a gallery of quilts. http://www.cheriscrystals.com/exhibits_awards.html

four free patterns on german site http://www.mini-patch.de/html/downloads.html german is one of the languages translated by http://babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn

This lady has beautiful paper-pieced patterns. http://www.lenzula.com

Crafting Ideas - in Fabric http://www.bfranklincrafts.com/CraftIdeas/CIQuiltCorner.html quick and easy projects from fabric.

Load The Frame - Floating the Top http://longarmsupplies.com/FloatTheTop.htm lots of photos for how to load a heritage frame

a large PDF from si.edu look at quilting beginning on Page 18 http://www.sites.si.edu/education/BATeacher_Guide.pdf

how the quilters from long ago attached frames to the ceiling http://www.quilt.com/QuestionOfTheWeek/2004/0315.html

Some interesting pages about quilting around a quilting frame.

Quilting was hub of family, social life. <<http://www.texasescapes.com/DelbertTrew/Quilting.htm>>

Hand Quilting History: Gathering Around the Frame http://www.womenfolk.com/quilting_history/quilting.htm

on page 18 of this pdf there's an article on quilting with pictures. http://www.sites.si.edu/education/BATeacher_Guide.pdf

QUILTER PROFILE: The Reynoldstown Quilters http://planetpatchwork.com/reytown.htm

how the quilters from long ago attached frames to the ceiling http://www.quilt.com/QuestionOfTheWeek/2004/0315.html

Where would you use the wooden stand ? http://www.claudiasquiltshoppe.com/newsletterJuly2004.htm

Sewing Circle Model © for Community Collaboration: Beyond Consensus -- an interesting study http://www.easttncontact.org/public_html/community%20issues.htm

Quilts--masterpieces of the heart.... http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/parkin22.html

Four Rail Basting & Quilting Frame http://ttsw.com/UserPublishing/BastingFrame.html

Vacation Projects for kids of all ages http://www.createwithyourchild.net/crafts-catalogue/

Wall hanging-"Patches"...the dolphin 
Choose between 2 options..for download. either Traditional or Paperpieced appliqué

Free Scrappy Sampler Quilt---download all or most all of the blocks. http://www.threepinesdesigns.com/shop/category.asp?catid=52

$$$$--NAYY-machine quilting patterns.but good for handquilting inspiration 

Eye candy only...click on the addresses to see barn quilts..like the hex signs on the old Pennsylvania Dutch barns of years ago and still maintained http://www.barnquilts.com

This is a new site from the owner of "Stofnest". http://www.charityquilts.nl/ There are free patterns, click on "patronen". A nice Butterfly pattern... a little boy's quilt - OverallSam with Buffalos

http://lindaanns-quiltedgifts.com/web2/web_page3_002.html A Cowboy Sam but in the right fabric could be an Astronaut Sam

http://www.marinpatchwork.nl/Marin.htm a really lovely sampler....all blocks still available....just click on links at top of page...patterns in "quilter's language" but should be easy to follow. "jarblook 2005" under the 2005 link is a picture of the completed top. dutch is one of the languages translated by http://babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn

<<Quilt Blocks Each month the How-to-Quilt.com newsletter features a quilt block that has more than one name and displays the block on this page. >> http://www.how-to-quilt.com/patterns/blocks.shtml

Nantucket Knots free pattern pdf http://www.wemmenhove.tk/

Pattern Bee Flowers of the Months May to December One flower block will be added each month starting with MAY. You have the option of printing out the FREE traceable pattern, ~ Flower of the Month ~ QUILT SHOW CONTEST Because so many of you are enjoying the free quilt blocks we've decided to host a contest! see on the site http://www.patternbee.com/FREEQB697.html

Quiltmag Redwork Pattern is now complete with all 12 blocks still on line. http://www.quiltmag.com/blockofthemonth.html the central block of the young stitcher is for sale http://www.sentimentalstitches.net/ "The Stitcher" ... size is 24"x28". http://www.sentimentalstitches.net/page2.html

some free patterns from this-n-thatfabrics http://www.this-n-thatfabrics.com/free_pattern.htm

Tomorrow Heirlooms Dress Your Concrete Goose blocks are free for a month and then are offered for sale. http://www.tomorrowsheirlooms.cc/

free instructions for Cathedral Windows. http://www.alternative-windows.com/patchwork-cushion.htm

two free patterns from EQ5 - these pattern files need EQ5 to open . http://www.quiltplaza.com/eqproject.html

The fabric companies offer some great FREE patterns available online. Below are some links to their pattern pages, great for some new ideas!

P&B Textiles: http://www.pbtex.com/html/free_patterns.html

Free Spirit http://www.freespiritfabric.com/core-pages/patterns.php

Marcus Brothers http://www.marcusbrothers.com/makeit/index.html

Timeless Treasures Patterns http://www.ttfabrics.com/patterns.php

Robert Kaufman http://www.robertkaufman.com/quilting/quilts_patterns.asp

Michael Miller http://www.michaelmillerfabrics.com/MMF/DownLoad.cfm

RJR Patterns http://www.rjrfabrics.com/quilts/freepatterns.cfm?axis_v=2

Northcott http://www.northcott.net/index.cfm?action=patterns&listType=1


Birds and Flower applique: http://www.woodsandquilts.com/Free%20Pattern.htm

Teddy Bear applique: http://www.fionamarie.com/freepattern.shtml

Paper Doll Quilt: http://www.fabrictrends.com/onlineproject/index.shtml

Instructions for painless applique method: http://www.curiositypatterns.com/painless1.html

Free instructions for how to weave fabric to look like a basket: http://www.curiositypatterns.com/weavingbaskets1.html

Free back to basics instructions to teach you machine applique: http://www.critterpat.com/back2basics.html


Download a free pattern for Super Fast and Easy Lap Quilts (see gallery and freebie link at the top of this page) http://www.cedarcreekquiltdesigns.com/pages/876791/index.htm

Rays of Sunshine - Queen-size Version web-extra Finished Quilt Size 94 1/2" x 94 1/2" Number of Blocks and Finished Size 25 Rays of Sunshine Blocks 16" x 16" http://quickquilts.com/curiss/306_wbros_pattern/

http://www.dequiltkat.nl/blok-vd-maand.html (Dutch) http://www.dequiltkat.nl/block-of-the-month.html (English)

Quilt University December Newsletter http://www.QuiltUniversity.com Find complete details of the Quilt University 2006 Challenge at http://www.quiltuniversity.com/guild_challenge.htm

Pennsylvania Plain & Fancy~Anita Shackelford image <http://www.backfortyquilting.com/cgi-images/image_display.cgi?account=backforty&image=plainfancy.jpg>

You can see a full size image of this lovely free pattern above..... The four part pattern can be downloaded (PDF files) here: http://www.backfortyquilting.com/

2005 Block of the Month series 6 part pattern July Through December "Forget-Me-Not Manor"© http://www.forgetmenotstudio.com

Suzy's Quilt Shop Free Patterns http://www.suzysquilts.com/freebies.htm


Thank you to the designers who give us these "free for private use" patterns. Incomplete Links ~ If the link carries on to the next line without having the last part a different color - copy the remaining characters into your browsers addressline to visit the site. Error Messages ~ Some sites run out of viewing time if they get lots of visitors - save the link to your Favorites and visit another day.

Thank you to the web researchers who share the links they find.

Back To Front Applique http://www.pnc.com.au/~scouler/B2F/B2F1free.html or http://tinyurl.com/4gl3o === 

marylouquiltdesigns-Autumn Glory http://www.marylouquiltdesigns.com/promo_patterns/big_dots/autumn_glory.html or http://tinyurl.com/5cbv9 === 

Chenille Tree -patterns and kits http://www.quilt-n-country.com/Chenille_Tree.htm or http://tinyurl.com/6c666 ==== 

How to Make "Fuzzies by the Foot"_Chenille Strips http://www.getcreativeshow.com/seminars/Fuzzies-By-Foot.htm or http://tinyurl.com/6a4gx

=== Quilt Express http://www.quiltexpress.com/blocklist.shtml or http://tinyurl.com/4deqb


Basic T-Shirt Quilt Instructions 

http://www.goosetracks.com/T-Shirt%20Quilt%20Instructions.html or http://tinyurl.com/7gtt

===== Cute chicken stichery - several cute banners - and a free one 


==== this organizer incorporates adding embroidery embellishments, the sewing directions are easily adaptable to other organizers as well; place small quilt blocks instead for decoration or use applique :


==== Holiday Magic 

http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/quilts/holiday.html or http://tinyurl.com/3ln5w

Decorative Pillowcase

http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/pillowcase/pillowcase.html or http://tinyurl.com/4p5pp ====== lots of ideas for care boxes for military away from home http://www.anysoldier.us/index.cfm

===== The Organizer 

http://members.aol.com/mysterykwilter/organizer/index.htm or http://tinyurl.com/4lj9v

======= Cat Nap Tea Cozy 

http://www.craftown.com/crafts/art23.htm ==== a very nice teapot and cup pattern at this site can you see it in the Hoffman clamshell fabrics. http://www.creativeaddiction.com/teapot/teapot.htm

==== http://www.thedyelot.com/ some hand dyes for inspiration ==== 

Joyful Improvisations, the Quiltmaking of Anna Williams http://www.straw.com/quilting/articles/africamer.html look and learn about color and contrast and great simple design.

Victoriana Quilt Designs Free Block of the Month: Cornered Squares

http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.com/VictorianaQuilters/BlockoftheMonth/BlockoftheMonth.htm This months block uses a corner unit. The block arrangement is only one of many you could choose when making these units. Sew some from your scraps and play with the arrangement. Victoriana Quilt Designs *New Charity Quilt Pattern

http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.com/VictorianaQuilters/CharityQuilt/PinwheelCharityQuilt.htm This quick quilt was designed by Christina Hafner and Sandy Finnigan ...... to publish it online for everyone to use. These ladies have made them for cancer patients in their area. Victoriana Quilt Designs *Quilting How-To's http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.net/QuiltingLessons.htm It contains links to free quilt how-to information, available online. This list makes a good resource for the Beginner Quilter, or anyone needing information on a new quilt technique. "RJR Gets Electric" Electric Quilt EQ5 has teamed up with RJR to make "RJR Gets Electric" project ideas. About every three months a new set will replace the one posted and the old one will not be archived so get 'em now if you want them and bookmark the site. 3 projects are available now.

While the designs can be downloaded as EQ palettes andare already done up as a project file for the EQ user, NON-users can download a pdf file of the same project. http://www.electricquilt.com/Users/FunStuff/RJR/RJR.htm Quiltmaker.com  

Excerpts from the Experts Interview with Anita Grossman Solomon For more on Anita, see her web site at http://www.MakeItSimpler.com . Anita's book, Make It Simpler Paper Piecing is available from C&T Publishing, http://www.ctpub.com .

*Quilters Guild of Plano ~Block of the Month Current year - How to make an American Movie Quilt http://www.quiltersguildofplano.org/bom/bom.shtml

*The Prayer Quilt Ministry ~quilts http://www.prayerquilt.org/patterns.htm *

Bernita Skinners Big "Links site" http://www.freequiltpatterns.info 

Stained Glass applique patterns http://www.mrsewing.com.au/pw_freebies.htm PDF files .... This site asks you to provide your name and email address to download the files. 

Floral Fantasy An original design by Quilter's Hideout http://www.quiltershideout.com/freestuff.htm 

a free pattern for a polar fleece receiving blanket at: http://www.make-it-easy.com/htrb2.html 

Bundy's Quilting Co. http://www.bundysquiltingco.com/patterns.html 

free patterns that were posted on the manufacturers sites as PDF are available here as graphic files. "Move your cursor anywhere within the text of the Pattern DIRECTIONS, right click (a menu will open) click on "Save Picture As" (probably best to save to your Desktop as it should be easy to find the file there after saving AND be sure to note and remember the name of the file).

When you are ready to print, go to your desktop and find the file (example: wellfencetext.jpg) - double click on the file and it will open as a graphic, then just click on your print button and that should do it." free patterns from Pat Speth



Some cute ideas for baby quilts jump start your imagination. http://www.scrapquilts.com Freebies here and ideas for scrappies Teachers If you teach scrappy (or related) classes, and would like to come to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, send Janet wickell@citcom.net your class offerings.

Some free blocks. Directions have good photos. JinnyBeyer.com http://www.jinnybeyer.com/block-a-week/live/main.cfm new block this week in this collection of over 65 blocks. QuiltMaker http://www.quiltmaker.com/motifs huge collection of quilting motifs Laci Peterson Memory quilt made for her mother by her quilty friends


find a boston Commons Quilt Boston Common Quilt by Eleanor Burns http://www.cindybrick.com/letter22.htm freebie quilt pattern: Plaid Flannel Squares a Quick and easy Look for your Special Guy. http://www.thedoormouse.com/pattern.htm

mitered corner show & tell site. http://www.geocities.com/quiltfrenzy/miter.html this site has "geocities page opening limits" bookmark and go back in a day or two. quick Magic-9-patch


Linda Ann has a motif sampler that contains a butterfly, scroll down the page http://lindaanns-quiltedgifts.com/web2/web_page3_002.html Hill'n Hollow BOM oct and nov are now online (and cute blocks too!) http://www.whimseyunlimited.com/Block/block.html Boxy Stars! This quick star block is made from scrap 2 1/2" strips! http://www.quiltville.com/boxystars.html Good Pictures in the instructions United Notions - Moda fabrics has a beautiful new line of fabrics. Look for other free patterns too. http://www.unitednotions.com/un_home.nsf/patterns Newest Patterns are listed first. Click here to see all the Archived Patterns.


look for an adorable teddy bear wallhanging, little pin doll, "Little Quilts" cottage http://fionamarie.com/freepattern.shtml look on this site for $ BostoncCommons Quilt Catalog #: awd-P005 http://www.alicewilhoit.com/ Memory Quilt

http://www.womansday.com/article.asp?section_id=3&article_id=7521 Nine Patch Diamond

http://www.womansday.com/article.asp?section_id=3&article_id=6506 T-Shirt Quilt

http://www.womansday.com/article.asp?section_id=3&article_id=7336 Designing a Sewing Center


sites with .edu sometimes disappear when the teacher or the student moves on or the class is complete. Print pages if you need them.

Sewing Machine Accessory Organizer


Is Your Fabric Stash Safe? Find out the best way to keep your fabric finds looking their best-- until you're ready to sew them. How do dampness and light affect your treasures? http://www.sewnews.com/library/sewnews/library/aafabr9.htm FQ friendly pattern at Beter Homes and Gardens! http://www.bhg.com/bhg/100days/ Appleseed Quilters BOM http://www.appleseedquiltersguild.com/block_of_the_month.htm the patterns are large grapics look at Quilts for Kids for a wonderful service project http://www.arbeedesigns.co.nz/index.html (sign up for newsletter to get pattern) http://www.easyquilts.kits.com http://www.cottonwoodquilts.com/ Family Album Blocks


Joen Wolfrom Blocks http://www.mplx.com/joenwolfrom/patterns/index.html


EQ Project Files http://pages.prodigy.net/brian_jen/PHQGallery/quiltgallery.html


Virginia Consortium of Quilters http://www.vcq.org/specialty%20lessons.htm/flying_geese.htm http://www.vcq.org/specialty%20lessons.htm/flying_geese2.htm


great graphics of quilt layouts for these simple units


Origami Quilt ~ Diynet.com - Good graphics and instructions http://www.diynet.com/diy/shows_qlt/article/0,2045,DIY_15080_2355035,00.html More - Index for crafts/quilting: http://www.diynet.com/diy/crafts


Kunin Felt - free felt patterns


these flat patterns might be adapted for applique.


PP freebies from this Japanese site http://homepage2.nifty.com/ttquilt/e-workshop.html you can right click and save the free patterns. and images from patterns from the book http://homepage2.nifty.com/ttquilt/e-book_patternI.html --* Workshop for paper piecing ----* Step-by-step 1 http://homepage2.nifty.com/ttquilt/e-workshop1.html ----* Step-by-step 2 http://homepage2.nifty.com/ttquilt/e-workshop2.html ----* Step-by-step 3 http://homepage2.nifty.com/ttquilt/e-workshop3.html


Kimono paper pieced pattern http://www.quiltindex.com/ATQF/q_and_a_single.asp?QAID=91


Kimono paper pieced pattern http://www.quilted-dragon.com/Oriental-quilts2.htm


Kimono paper pieced pattern from June Colburn: (Pattern is Kimono 2) http://www.junecolburn.com


Kimono paper pieced pattern http://www.thimble-art.com/Free/Kamona%201.htm


Kimono paper pieced pattern http://www.quilted-dragon.com/Oriental-quilts3.htm This one is $$, very pretty lovely. Kimono Harmony .. scroll down.


A kimono in the BOM Nov month at Stoffkram the english version

http://www.stoffkram.com/stoffkram_patchwork_quilt_japan_teddy_en.html Scroll down to Nov, 2003 for the free pp'cd kimono pattern

New projects available at Janome


You could join the Janome online mail list. It's free look for the link in the left menu.

Quilters Online Resouce: http://www.qorsite.com a new free to download pattern at Quilters Online Resource potholder pattern is quick to make and would make a great gift idea find the pattern in the Cat Corner http://home.aol.com/birdnberry/BirdHome.html free blue bird pattern in the bottom menu of the page a FREE pattern to make a bag for your Stockings or clothes pegs http://www.belindasstudio.com/sets.htm candlewicking pattern could be adapted as a quilting motif

http://www.sewing.org/enthusiast/html/efs_purse_with_secret_.html cute little purse; a quilted chatelaine and 2 other quilts http://www.fabricvisions.com/patterns.html PDF files Elegant Pinwheels Designed by Roxanne Carter Lost In Paradise Designed by Mary J. Kunna Go Fish! Designed by Heidi Pridemore bedroom essentials in a 4 month series

http://www.marcusbrothers.com/makeit/create-a-room/series_2/bed_quilt/index.html http://www.pbtex.com/html/free_patterns.html new fabrics = new patterns the older ones in the archive may disappear. print them if you like them. Husqvarna Viking ... presents free patterns ... tablerunner and purse +++++ http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/husqvarnaviking.htm

<<http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/Education/FreeProjects.htm?husqvarna.com>> projects will only be archived for four months Wilma Karels Borduren en Quilten Wilma Karels Embroidery and Quilting BOM free patterns from Holland: 2002 BOM Stars in the European "Union" 2003 BAOM was "Country Life" http://www.wilmakarels.nl/blokken.html not in english in "quilty" 8-) Links from the Quilters Newsletter Magazine email

http://www.quiltmaker.com/webextras/patt127/ A nice Q&E project with three different ornaments; PDF file.

http://www.quiltersnewsletter.com/webextras/feature108/ Easy Trapunto Posy Motif

http://www.mccallsquilting.com/golden/mg24_pattern/ Teacher's Delight..... 9patch blocks alternated with applique apple blocks makle up a nice little quilt.

party animals BOM http://www.tomorrowsheirlooms.cc/month.html

 lots of projects in the left menu http://i-craft.com/general/  

quilting frame plans http://www.texasbob.com/q_frame.html 

Guideline for figuring number of pieces in a yard of fabric http://www.texasbob.com/q_facts.html

 just how big is ... standard sizes http://www.texasbob.com/q_facts.html 

and how many yards do I need for a border http://www.texasbob.com/q_facts.html 

Heart Sweatshirt - free heart templates http://www.tallmouse.com/projects/everyday/sweatshirt/index.htm

a hot iron can cause freezer paper to shrink - read the hints
to save your project

"Dimensions" a sampler quilt
all PDF files are online now -
each month has PDF files to save or print. General instructions
are in a PDF file above the images on this page. Right click and
save to disk is the faster way to retrieve these large files.

Jean Post's quilts - eye candy http://jecapo.net/

many quilty and other keepsake projects

cat & dog quilt
look for instructions for PJ's and SweatSuits
- Tips For Attaching Ribbing
some lovely quilted bags and gift ideas
supply list is posted for Cindy Deans next English Paper
Piecing class. Her patterns are very nice and her instructions are great.

Month to Month Wall Quilt-Redwork

Independence Square Quilt
Celebration Flags Placemats
Seeing Stars
Kandy Korn Quilt
Peggy's Patchwork (German)
Pin Cushion/Thread Catcher
EQ5 - Project Files
Real Sewing Rooms
Lap Robe for Wheelchair
Some Common Quilt Sizes
Country Life PP Quilt and A Star Sampler ~ European Union
[A site from the Netherlands]

http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4410/blocks.html Tazzie's Free Block Patterns

http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/education/americasews/projects.html Husqvarna Viking ~ Free Designs and Projects http://www.janome.com/projects.php?printer=1 Janome Projects ~ Free Designs and Projects http://www.cookiescreations.com/projects.htm Cookie's Creations ~ http://www.stitchingpost.com/main.htm With or without the embroidery some nice things. Stitching Post Projects http://www.quiltersmuse.com/index_of_free_patterns.htm Quilter's Muse http://home.revealed.net/sjackson/eq4.html Sheila's Electric Quilt 4 Projects http://www.geocities.com/josp101/testshp.html Scented Hot Pads http://www.andoverfabrics.com/QuiltDesigns/QuiltDesigns.asp 4 New Quilts Added to this company's Archives http://www.thebirdhouse.com.au/Freebies/freebies.htm Sailboat Mini Wallhanging http://www.ragshop.com/crafts/sewing/ Rag Shop Sewing Projects http://www.mccrafts.com/snowman_table_runner.htm Snowman Table Runner


Site with Pincushion history and free pattern

pin cushion patterns

bird pin cushion
Yo Yo pin cushion Easy to do in half an hour it says

Heart Chatalene free pattern
For those that crochet check out this pattern page for
a pincushion
picture of crash test doll pincushion pattern available
I believe
Dress form pincushion pattern free on line This one has
lots of

On a Carol Devall site is a lovely hat pin cushion with
Free pattern
picture of a pincushin doll for ideas
http:// www.geocities.com/Heartland/Cottage/9092

and some others

information galore and links to everywhere. a coloring book so you can see what your color choices for a pattern block will look like.


Lots of quilty projects here: http://www.craftown.com/quilt.htm 


A completed mystery. Complete patterns/instructions with PDF option.:  http://www.zippydesigns.com/Library/QuiltedGarden/QuiltedGarden.html 




Many more patterns for paper piecing in the Zippy Library:  http://www.zippydesigns.com/Library/libraryindex.html 




"Marcus Brothers Textiles World Tour 2001 Series Finished -- Marcus Brothers say: "World Tour" series project, featuring six all-new block designs. Together, they’ll become a beautiful wall
hanging to grace any travel lover’s home, and as a bonus, we’ll also feature ideas for using the blocks individually!" http://www.marcusbrothers.com/makeit/world_tour/index.html 


Kids Free Clip Art Coloring Book Pages! fish, shells, seahorse, shark, lobster, octopus, dolphin, whale, & crabs 
A supper source for Mommy and Daddy and for the Applique and RedWork
quilters;  http://www.lafishmag.com/clipart.html 

<<http://www.patternzplus.com >> flower blocks
lots of flower pictures.

Try using a light box [aka computer screen] and tissue paper to make blocks from the photos Just draw around the big areas to use as applique and embroider the details.

Northwest Coloring Book Flower - with Common Names Index:   http://www.nps.gov/plants/color/northwest/com.htm 

The Winsome Wildflower blocks  http://www.jeanneraecrafts.com/quilt.html#blocks 
and ongoing BOMs

Some people put their favorite photo into "a cross stitch pattern program" like PCStitch or transfer it "using their computer screen as a light box" onto graph paper and then use a block of fabric for each stitch color that is represented.  You can make a very real representation of a personal photo and a design that is completely your own. Several sites have ways to help
you decide how much fabric to buy from your stash and LQS.
DETERMINING YARDAGE for strips, squares and triangles Answers the question I'm making a quilt -- how much fabric will I need?  http://ttsw.com/HowTo/YardagePage.html 

All Kinds of Measurements
a]Quilt Sizes
b]Standard Batting Sizes
c]Standard Mattress Sizes
d]Number of Squares from a Fat Quarter
e]Yardage Chart
f]Enlarging or Reducing Patterns
Photocopier Settings
g]How to make a 9-patch block from an 8 inch square.




Cute wall hanging~angel:  http://www.craftycollege.com/webofangels/logcab-a.htm 






Alpine Star Quilt




$$ I've never seen a pp'd palm tree before

Many tree blocks
>> http://quilting.about.com/library/weekly/aa000923.htm <<
bonsai tree
>> http://quilting.about.com/library/weekly/aa001012.htm <<
saguaro cactus

pine tree

pine tree on point

christmas tree

christmas tree 2001

christmas tree

christmas tree

heart and tree


tree and house.

fruit tree

PaperPieced Tree

last but not least -- what about Mended Christmas Trees!!
Please refer to the website for complete instructions
on the "mended technique"




soothing pillow




This site and info has been posted before, but new people sign up and
may not
know about the site/patterns.

Applique patterns. 4 patterns .. PDF files

Homepage URL. Scroll down till you see: Star Quilts Paper Piecing 
on the "more" link. 12 patterns .. PDF files







Do you know how a sewing machine works???










22 free paperpieced patterns


A site with pictures of the tips of sewing machine needles. The pictures show 5 or 6 drawings of different kinds of needles (very large) so you could see the different tips.       

Click here for directions on how to transfer photos to fabric

Singer Featherweight Sites http://quilt.com/fwf  http://singer-featherweight.com/sitetwopages/site2.html

[John Burgoyne was a general of the Revolutionary War] 
I found Burgoyne's Escape http://vixwilly.com/p019.htm this  shows Burgoyne Surrounded $$ http://www.quiltinaday.com/shop/display.asp?autoid=746
 book and video for sale 
Sept./Oct. 2000 Fons and Porter Back Issue still available All 2000 magazine back issues are $4.95 plus postage. http://www.fonsandporter.com/storefront/burgoyne.html 
Burgoyne's Campfire Quilt

This webmaster has a quirky sense of humor Pleeeaaasse don't panic at the jokes on the site. there's lots of information and eyecandy here. 
and a list of abbrevations and what they mean 

Library Book Quilt Links:
    { http://www.fibreartsonline.com/fac/quilt/quiltTheme_BottleJar.htm }   

are you a VBS leader looking for little crafts/gifts for the kids to make for one another and for parcel decorations. http://www.craftsayings.com/ http://www.craftsayings.com/projects/small_gifts/yo_yo_bee/index.shtml

Lots of good links/info here for those interested in textile care, preservation & conservation: http://www.collectioncare.org/cci/ccict.html

Quilt Storage Links:
 http://www.quiltbroker.com/quilt_storage.html http://www.quiltchannel.com/tips/quiltcare.htm

http://www.antiquequilts.com/washqlt.htm How to wash an antique quilt http://www.antiquequilts.com/qlthngr.htm How to hang a quilt

A source for precut quilt kits:  www.easyquiltkits.com .

sells the papers and has assembly information.

sells supplies

buy templates at

patterns for minature quilts

Brandy's Product Directory
Triple Star Paper Pieced Pattern
Twirling Stars
Information galore and links to everywhere.
Paper pieced chatelaine 
free design papers.
On Point Setting Triangles
Cub Lake Patch - Easy Quilt
List of projects for really nice gifts.
Judges Choice Pennie Horras: 

Baby Quilt Possibilities:

a page for quilty tips

"Cozy Comfort Quilt".

Subject: URL interesting template information and sales

Jenna's Cozy Quilting Corner "So you want to make a quilt?! Good for you! These are the basics of what you will need to learn in order to do so!" http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Fields/7002/quilt1.html 

FREE PATTERNS List of free patterns graded by difficulty

Quilting How To's on the World Wide Quilting Page Directions for many different quilting techniques. Drawing patterns, Yardage, Cutting, Image Transfer, Piecing, Settings, Finishing, Quilt Care, Pressing, and Labeling. http://ttsw.com/HowToPage.html

Chitra Publishers Teach Quilting Add bindings, instructions with photos 

Chitra Publishing -- Quilting "How-To" Class Step by step construction instructions. 

rag quilt URL http://www.piecefulacrepatterns.com/Too%20e-z%20denim%20quilt.htm 

rag quilt http://www.quiltsville.com/Shaggy.html 

rubber stamp*templates* http://www.bykate.com/ 

Wedding quilt block settings

Quilt Software Demo Downloads.

Do you use Templates? here a URL to check out

Acrylic Window Templates with Patterns

Aren't Ula's ,  Bethany's   

Betty Reynolds' Quilting Page http://www.nmt.edu/~breynold/quilts.html

Here's a url for quite a few rubber stamp places. Probably most are for paper but it still is worth a look. http://findastamp.com/Retailers/

What is a good reference for embroidery stitches? http://www.classicstitches.com/know_how/index.cfm?cat=Stitch%20Glossary&let=A state bird and flower patterns
bird patterns

Places to find information and manuals on old machines:
Online Antique Sewing Machine Resource

Make it Easy Sewing and Crafts
Free Galleries, Patterns, Inspirations, Tips & Techniques

Holiday Resource Page at QuiltSwappers 

Boston Common Quilt
and this one
and this one

Lesson in PaperPiecing from QuiltersCache

Advent Christmas Tree  and more Free Holiday Patterns

Quillow Pattern
Use me as a pillow unless you get cold, 
then pull my stuffing and gently unfold. 
I'm a blanket now with space for your feet and 
when you're all done, fold me back nice and neat.

Easy Stuff for kids to make


Holiday Gift Tags

Bug jar patterns:  
The twelve days of Christmas by Brandywine Designs

Look in the mother's day project. Lots of other quick craft ideas for gifts on the site. Neck pillows --

This little pillow filled with rice
Is such a comforting device.
Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes on HIGH
And kiss those aches and pains good-bye.

Apply it to a troubled spot.
The heat will ease the pain a lot.
Or warm those little toes so cold.
You'll find this nice to have and hold.

Or freeze it for a little while
And fix that boo-boo up in style.
Instead of a compress made of ice,
Use this little pillow filled with rice.


When from too much work or play,
Aches and pains may come your way,
Just pop me in the microwave,
Two short minutes is all I crave.
Or store me in your freezer bold,
If your boo-boo needs some cold.
Then slip me in my little sleeve,
Your aches and pains I will relieve.\

, have fun! 
printable tags
that go with each of the easy-to-make gifties, including snowman soup and snowman poop 
Tags  for "homemade food gift" labels
   If you open the image files in a word processing or photo program you can resize them for your special project. For "gift of service coupons" you might take the image and set up a document using an "address label" template and print that on card stock . Add your own greetings for postcards or decorations.
Back Seat Vehicle Organizer
For DGM/DGF's or your DS/DB's or your cousin's car or even your own.  Here you will find full directions to create a place for the kids to store all their traveling treasures. HINT Use orphan blocks for the pockets.
From Quilters Fancy..
Dressed Up Sweat Shirt
Here's a project that will convert a plain sweat shirt to something special. Also a great way to eliminate a stain with out eliminating the sweat shirt.
Free Projects from Nancy's Notions
lots of quick and each patterns for homemade gifts;  if you can quilt you can sew - one step at a time.
Polar Fleece Cap/scarf and Applique SweatShirt.
Hood Scarf: Use your fleece scraps to create a hat and scarf in one!